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The best beards appear effortless, but if you have ever attempted to grow a one, then you know that when you see one that is finely-kept, it is anything but effortless. We understand that all too well. Beard enthusiasts like ourselves have shopped around for beard products, only to come up short. We don’t think of ourselves as overly picky, but there are certain things that we just won’t accept when it comes to our personal care.

Hazardous substances, for example; sulphates should never be present in a beard product. Likewise, why derive anything from animal parts?

This is why we created Bekhayr [Be-care], free from ambiguous substances & animal-derived ingredients. An environment where keeping it simple is not only a motto but a lifestyle. Life is complicated enough as it is, so why should beard care be the same?  For this reason, we keep the combinations within our products simple with clean and simple packaging. 

We take tremendous pride in our innovative products, in particular with our revolutionary beard butter. We truly believe in its greatness and unique ability to both nourish and moisturise. An essential bit of kit for any serious beard keeper.

Our goal is to keep developing ideas whilst elevating the facial hair industry. All our products are manufactured from the finest natural, organic, cold pressed ingredients.

Your satisfaction but more importantly your health is our utmost priority and will never be compromised.

We ensure the operations involved in our manufacturing exceed acceptable standards for quality and hygiene. We make use of recyclable packaging that is recyclable in order to support and contribute positively to our environment. By the end of 2020, we aim to be plastic-free in our entire operation. Until then, we are offering to exchange a free product for every five bottles you send back to us for recycling.

We aim to be among the most successful and responsible personal care manufacturer. Offering products that is recyclable as well as safe for both human use and the environment.